Our mission statement at Goulds Recreation Association is to provide affordable, quality recreation services to all residents of Goulds in an attempt to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of all participants.



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If you have any questions on Summer 2024 programs, ie. registration, please email gouldsrecinfo@gmail.com.

Info packages on all our summer programs can be found under the programs tab. 

SPRING 2024 BROCHURE:  Check out what we have to offer this Spring!  This brochure also contains some details on the upcoming summer season. 

committed to our community

Goulds Recreation is committed to supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for all of its residents. Regardless of your age, interests or physical activity level, the community is sure to have a recreation program to suit your needs.

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Check out what we have to offer this Summer!  If you would like to view our info packages on each program, you can click the links in the brochure or go to the programs page on this website!  

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