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Goulds Rec Center Rental  Information

Rental of the Rec Centre is now based on an hourly rate (effective January 1st, 2017).  For 1 hour: $45+tax; for 2 hours: $90+tax

Every additional hour after the initial 2 hours ($90+tax) will be $40/hour+tax

For example: 4 hour rental = $170+tax ($45+$45+$40+$40)

All rentals will be subject to a $50 damage/time deposit. This will be used in the event of any damages to our facilities, or equipment, as well as for any rental that goes over the time booked or if our staff have to stay longer than scheduled time to clean the facilities after the rental.

All rental fees MUST be paid at least two weeks before rental date. It is mandatory that all rental fees and damage/time deposits be paid before the rental dates. If payments are not received within the time frame noted above, Goulds Rec has the right to cancel the booking. Bookings should be made at least one month in advance. Goulds Rec cannot guarentee availability of staff or facilities with less than a months notice. Refunds will only be issued 2 or more weeks prior to rental date. All refunds will be subject to a $15 administration fee. Please remember that we are a smoke-free, alcohol free, peanut/nut aware, and scent aware facility.

The rental includes the use of the gymnasium space and kitchen area.

**Due to the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic, we have several public health measures in place.  This includes a max of 20 people at a rental (adults and children), as well as no food being served buffet style.  For a full description of our COVID measures, please email us.  

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